When the Bugs Crawl, People Call!

We are providing full-service pest and termite control solutions to homeowners, business owners, and real estate agents in Southern Kentucky.

Pest Control

Eliminate bed bugs, termites, roaches, spiders, ants, and other pests from your home or business with our comprehensive pest control solutions.

Bird Control

Humane methods used by our experts will remove birds from your property and prevent them from returning.

Bat Control

Eradicate bats from your property with our specialized bat control and removal services that use safe and effective methods.

Rodent Control

Stop mice, rats, and other rodents from infesting your property with our comprehensive rodent control solutions.

Get Rid of Pests for Good!

At South Kentucky Pest Solutions LLC, we offer a wide range of pest control services to meet your needs.


How often do you recommend treating your home or office for pests?
We recommend, at a minimum, biannually, during the spring and fall seasons, when pests are most active. We also offer quarterly services, and if you are a commercial establishment, we also provide a monthly service to fit your needs.
What do we need to do to prepare?
It would be great if you could take the time to clean out under your kitchen and bathroom vanities, the water pipes, and the bottom floors of your closets. These are places where spiders like to hide. We also recommend picking up any clothing or toys lying on the floor before your appointment.
Do you guarantee your work?
Your satisfaction is very important to us. We typically ask people to give it four weeks and, if they are still having a problem, call us back. We will come back and retreat at no charge on most occasions. Contact us for further details.

Say Goodbye to Pests with South Kentucky Pest Solutions LLC

We use safe and effective methods to eliminate pests and protect your property from future infestations. Don’t let pests take over your life.


At South Kentucky Pest Solutions LLC, we aim to protect and defend your family or business with the most up-to-date and proactive pest control services. We strive to exceed our client’s expectations and provide the most comprehensive protection for you and your family possible.


Our vision at South Kentucky Pest Solutions LLC is to be the leading provider of pest control services in Southern Kentucky. We aim to achieve this by offering innovative solutions, outstanding customer service, and the most up-to-date pest control technologies.


momma mag
momma mag
Professional, excellent prices, and fast service.
Rodney Green
Rodney Green
We have been using SKPS for years and have always been extremely happy with their service. They are a family ran business that still believes in customer service.They are very courteous and prompt and their prices are very reasonable. We wouldn’t trust anyone else to handle our routine spraying. They have even eliminated several yellow jacket nest for us on a moment’s notice.
Joseph D Anderson
Joseph D Anderson
Great business!
Kristina McFeeters
Kristina McFeeters
They have always treated us well, both at our business and at our home. We use them for routine pest control at our business every month. They do our termite control, and home pest protection both inside and out. They take good care of us and keep the bugs away! We highly recommend them!!